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COSMIC RUMPUS by The Jack Giering Trio
with Phil Keaggy & John Sferra

The creative music clay was thrown on the wall - Once again - jammed out on the keys & God guided us to extract the beauty in this
result of sequential additions of creativity from my brothers! We spontaneously played to each other's beginnings with no Idea or rules
as to where our musical journeys would end. End? They did not!

Inter-dementional Traveler

Infinity Unleashed

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Voice of the Spirit @ CD Baby

Featuring Phil Keaggy on Guitar, John Sferra Drums, Michele McElhinny Vocals. -- With Special Guests Max Schang, Steve McCaslin, Leon Briggs, Porchpuppy Choir, Holey Jeans Youth Choir. Dedicated with love to the Seneca Indian people.

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Street Wise @ CD Baby

This CD mainly features sessions with Phil Keaggy & John Sferra along with
several other featured guitarists, but the wonderful vocals of Michele McElhinny
are as from the heart as it gets.

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Lone Wolf at CD Baby

If you loved the old stax recordings, you will really like Lone wolf.
If you are a Phil Keaggy fan, you will love his guitar on lone wolf.
If you are a Glass Harp fan, you will love John Sferra's drumming on lone Wolf.
If you demand music " from the heart" you will be pleased. and this is the cd for you.

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